Adrienne Duramus

Workshop Speaker

Born and raised in Montgomery, Al by beloved parents Clifton and Martha Lee who are both residents of the same city. Adrienne is truly indeed a people person; when she enters a room, her presence will be known by her smile, her loud HOW YOU DOING , and warm hugs. She has an explosive Love for God and His people and she believes, that for one to be friendly you must first show yourself friendly.

Adrienne proclaims that Life was formed to exude who Rules and Reigns ,forever more, and his name is JESUS CHRIST!! She understands who she is and why she is , but more importantly, she knows what her intentional purpose is, and that is to worship the Lord, ELOHIM; and serve her fellowman. She leaves this saying to All who have ears to hear: You are not responsible for how you got here, but you are responsible for how you leave here, so every chance you get, do everything with pure motives and make sure that GOD receives ALL the GLORY!!!! Finally, she has one goal in mind, and that is to help “GUIDE THE BLIND” and “REACH THE LOST AT ANY COST” as the Holy Spirit leads her.