Apostle Kemi Searcy

Retreat Speaker

She, along with her husband Kyle Searcy, co-pastors Fresh Anointing House of Worship, a church with over 2000 members and approximately 30 ministries committed to fulfilling the mandate of Christ to make disciples of every people group possible. She has hosted various women’s, couples’, prayer conferences, and retreats throughout the state of Alabama. These events have helped many people to cultivate a greater passion for Jesus, more fulfilled marriages, and effectual prayer lives. She founded Women In Ministry International also known as (WIMI) in 2010 in response to a need to mentor and train women for their callings in ministry.

Kemi also conducts yearly international conferences and crusades with the demonstration of God’s healing and delivering power. The Lord opened her eyes to the plight of underprivileged women in the third world countries, burdening her heart with a desire to help alleviate some of their sufferings. As a result, many families are clothed and fed, prisoners have needed supplies, and orphans are in care. In addition, many mothers have financial assistance to start small businesses to sustain their families and boost their self-esteem.